Anin-S was founded in December 2010, dedicated to the sale and service of clutch sets for freight vehicles and semi-trucks. The idea of establishing a company was naturally imposed as a result of the great need for service of old clutch sets and sale of new clutch sets for trucks, buses and tractors in our region.

The running of the company is essentially based on the extensive experience and expertise in decades of work with freight vehicles and semi-trucks. One of the founders of our company has attended various courses and obtained appropriate certificates. Together with other experts from Europe, Asia and Africa, in the production facilities of the largest truck manufacturers, he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technological trends and practices in the production and maintenance of freight vehicles.

In April 2017 we became distributors and authorized repairers of the renowned Ruen-Inox Automobile clutch set manufacturer

Anin-S through several pictures: